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Our Mission

 Enabling academic institutions, non-profits, and communities through precise tracking of participant journeys in programs and grants. Our "feet in the street" approach builds strong client and participant relationships, ensuring the delivery of quality data and services for positive impact.

Our Mission
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 The Data Bounty Hunter 

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Why us?

At Community Tracking Services we help relieve the need for in-house data-collecting services. The data collection process is extremely demanding and time-consuming. It can often be difficult for businesses and organizations to facilitate a consistent line of communication with high-risk or transient participants, this is where CTS excels.


Our diverse team of experts are mobile, familiar with participants' communities, and dedicated to getting the most accurate information. We follow strict federal guidelines and maintain an 80% or better follow-up rate for all our clients.


Our Services


Providing quality information is our top priority at CTS. We collect necessary data according to our client’s needs for various programs and to help measure demographics, improvements, and goals.


Tracking is undoubtedly the most time-consuming of the data-collecting process. Participants tend to move frequently or may even become homeless making it more difficult to collect accurate information.


As a branch of the Department of Health and Human Services the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) benefits from the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).




Princess Jennings and her team at Community Tracking Services have been our data eyes in the field for almost a decade now. We are serious about evaluation research and have multiple projects requiring outreach into many differing community environments daily. To this end, CTS has been our go-to resource for data collection with their strong commitment to individual project methodologies and IRB standards. With expansive instrument expertise and adept interviewing approach, they have consistently exceeded our client follow-up benchmarks.  This is all while providing quality customer service. CTS as an invaluable resource and I recommend them to any project looking to stick the landing on recruitment, data processing, and those oh-so-important follow-up metrics.

Dr. Eaton

Princess and her team at CTS have allowed us to advance science and improve outcomes for our most vulnerable patients. Without her team leading our community data collection efforts, we would not be able to identify and track important addiction and infection outcomes of the Drug Crisis.

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